Navigate the WebUI

To get you familiarized with the Raiden WebUI we have put together a short introduction to the most important screens of the application.

The first screen you will see when the WebUI launches is the "Home" screen which has a short introduction to Raiden.

On the top bar and left hand side you'll find:

  1. The address of your Raiden node together with your current ETH balance. Some of this ETH will be used anytime an on-chain activity happens.

  2. The navigation menu for interacting with Raiden.

The menu options we will be focusing on are:


In order to open a channel and start making payments you need to be connected to a token network. Each ERC20 token can theoretically have its own token network.

Tokens screen
  1. List of all tokens that have been registered in Raiden.

  2. Details about each token including:

    • The token symbol (WIZ)

    • The token name (WizardToken)

    • Your current token balance

    • Buttons with which you can join a network or mint tokens

  3. + button for registering new token networks and options for filtering and sorting your tokens list


To make payments you need to have a channel with at least one other Raiden node.

If you have no channels open this screen will display a "no channels found" message. The simplest way to get started is to open channels by joining a token network.

Channels screen
  1. List of all your open channels.

  2. Details about each open channel which includes:

    • The address of the partner node you're connected to via the channel

    • The token symbol (WIZ) and the token address which gets displayed when hovering over the symbol

    • Your current balance of tokens in the channel

    • The status of your channel and whether it is open, closed, or settled

    • Buttons where you can pay (both the "PAY" and the "SEND TOKENS" button works the same as when paying from the "Tokens" screen after joining a token network), deposit, withdraw, or close a channel

  3. A + button for opening a channel with a counterpart of your choosing and options for filtering and sorting your channels list

Address book

The address book gives you the possibility to save and label addresses.

Address book screen
  1. List of all your saved peers and their addresses.

  2. Two options for saving a new address:

    • Type the address and label manually

    • Drag and drop a JSON file containing all your addresses