Make a Payment

Payment channels allow for Raiden transfers to be made without the need to involve the actual blockchain.

If you have one or more channels open you can start making payments. When you joined a token network three channels were automatically opened with three nodes.

Let's walk through how to pay from the tokens screen.

How do payment channels work?

Payment channels enable tokens to be exchanged bi-directionally between counter-parties off-chain.

Not involving the blockchain for every transfer helps avoiding the blockchain consensus bottleneck and makes transfers faster and cheaper.

A payment channel in Raiden is always backed by an on-chain deposit of tokens. Depositing tokens or opening payment channels an on-chain transactions, which cause transaction fees to be paid in ETH (gas).

Raiden lets users pay anyone in the network by using a path of connected payment channels to mediate the payment. This means that you don't need to open channels with every node you want to send a payment to!

Pay from the tokens screen

Click the "PAY" button that has been made available for the token network you joined.

In the popup dialogue:

  1. Enter the address of the receiver of your payment.

  2. Select the token associated with the token network you're making the payment from. Note: The token is already pre-selected when you pay via the tokens screen.

  3. Enter the amount you want to pay.

  4. You can choose to fill in any number in the "Set payment identifier" dropdown for identifying your payment. If nothing is provided your payment identifier will default to a timestamp.

  5. Click "Send" to complete your payment.

Minting tokens

The Raiden WebUI lets you mint tokens if you need to fund your account with additional testnet tokens.

To do so, click the "MINT TOKEN" button in the "Tokens" screen next to your token of choice.

This will trigger an on-chain transaction and use some of your testnet ETH in exchange for more tokens.