Join a Token Network

To be able to make payments in Raiden you first need to join the network for the token you're interested in making payments with.

To join a token network navigate to the "Tokens" screen where you can choose to either:

What is a token?

Each token is defined within its own ERC20 compliant smart contract and each smart contract has a total supply of tokens. The token contracts are like a registry where different amounts of the total supply are mapped to different owners.

What Is a token network?

Anyone who runs a Raiden node and owns a token can join a network with other nodes who own the very same token. All nodes registered within such network form a token network.

Join an existing token network

Tokens Screen

Click the "JOIN NETWORK" button next to the token which network you want to join.

Tokens screen

Enter the amount of tokens you want to allocate and click "Join".

The amount you choose is what will be available for making payments and you can always add more funds later.

Joining a token network is an on-chain activity and will therefore consume some of your ETH.

You're now ready to make a first payment!

Register a new token and join its network

If you want to join the network for a token and the token is not displayed in the list of tokens it might mean that it has not been registered yet. In this case you can register it yourself.

Tokens screen

Click the upper right "+" button.

Tokens screen

Enter the address of the token you want to register and click "Register".

To join the network of your newly registered token follow the steps for joining an existing token network.