Settle Payments and Close Channels

To get your tokens back on-chain you need to either settle a payment or close a channel.

You have a couple of ways for depositing tokens back to your token network balance.

Withdraw tokens

In the "Channels" screen:

  1. Click the "WITHDRAW" button next to the channel from which you would like to make the withdraw.

  2. Enter the amount for your withdraw.

  3. Click "Confirm".

The token amount will be added to your total token network balance. Your payment channel with the partner will remain open and you can continue exchanging payments (if your balance allows it).

Close a channel

If you don't plan to use a specific channel anymore you can close it. A closed channel is no longer available for making payments.

In the "Channels" screen:

  1. Click the "CLOSE" button next to the channel you wish to close.

  2. Click "Confirm" to finish closing the channel.

The token amount will be payed out in accordance to the transactions that have been made between the channel participants.

Leave a token network

Leaving a network has the same outcome as closing a channel with the difference that all channels belonging to the network you're leaving get closed.

Click the "LEAVE NETWORK" button in the "Tokens" screen next to the token network you wish to leave.