Add More Tokens

You have two ways of allocating more tokens to your channels, either:

Add more tokens to all channels

This option will let you distribute tokens across all open channels for a token network.

Click the "ADD FUNDS" button in "Tokens" screen next to the token network you want to allocate more tokens for.

The number of tokens you provide needs to be higher than the amount currently allocated.

Say you already have 10 tokens allocated, the new amount you provide needs to exceed this number. This is because the sum gets redistributed across your open channels and if you were to provide the same amount there isn't really anything new to redistribute.

Add more tokens to a specific channel

This option will let you allocate more funds to a specific channel. You can compare this process to "topping up" a prepaid card.

Click the "DEPOSIT" button in the "Channels" screen next to the channel you want to deposit more tokens in.