Quick Start

Install Raiden and run a Raiden node using the Raiden Wizard


This tutorial will teach you how to:

Download the Raiden Wizard

You can download the Raiden Wizard for either macOS or Linux.

macOS download

Linux download

Setup and run a Raiden node

You need an internet connection to run the Raiden Wizard. The wizard will launch in your default browser.

The setup process can take up to five minutes, make sure not to close the browser.

  1. Extract and open the Raiden Wizard file.

  2. Insert your Infura project ID. Don't have a Infura project ID? Learn how to get one here.

  3. Click "Create New Configuration" to configure, install and launch the latest version of Raiden.

The Raiden Wizard setup process

You are now running a Raiden node! 🎉

Congratulations! Now you can start interacting with the Raiden Network.

A good start is to take a closer look at:

Relaunch Raiden

When opening the Raiden Wizard file, you will find two ways of relaunching Raiden.

  1. Click the "Launch" button next to a configuration you already created.

  2. Repeat the steps from "Setup and Run a Raiden Node" to create a new configuration.

Each new configuration created will be added to the list and currently you can't delete configurations from the Wizard. Read more under "Handle Limitations".

Need help?

If you run into problems or discover bugs, you can: