Download and run the Raiden Wizard

Download the Raiden Wizard

Download the Raiden Wizard for:

  • macOS

  • Linux

Run the Raiden Wizard

You need an internet connection to run the Raiden Wizard. The Wizard will launch in your default browser.

The setup process can take up to five minutes, make sure not to close the browser.

  1. Extract and click the raiden_wizard program to run the installer.

  2. Your web browser should open a new window with the Raiden Wizard. If not, you can manually type http://localhost:1994 to access the Wizard.

The installation steps of the Raiden Wizard will let you:

  • Create a new Ethereum Account (the "Raiden Account") specifically for using with the Wizard.

  • Fund this new Raiden Account with ETH.

  • Acquire RDN tokens for using the pathfinding and monitoring services.

  • Acquire DAI tokens for making payments in the Raiden Network.

When you have finished the steps of the Wizard, you can LAUNCH Raiden and start interacting with the Raiden Webinterface: